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We know how important your wedding day is and we want to help you make it unforgettable. Our qualified instructors will help you learn an amazing and original choreographed dance, creating a unique and special moment on your wedding day. We  will be happy to help you in making your decisión to choose the best style for you. 


The choice of location for your lessons is entirely up to you, you can choose a venue of your choice or if you prefer our instructors can teach you at home.


We will schedule your lessons to days and times that suit you.


Wedding Dance Essentials
( 3 lessons, 1 hr. per lesson )   £175                        

Wedding Dance Challenge

( 5 lessons, 1 hr. per lesson )   £205

This package is perfect if you want to put a little icing on the cake.
Our instructors will run through the choreography step by step, in much greater detail. This will polish and clean up your routine, making it more of an impact on your special day.

Wedding Dance WOW   

( 7 lessons, 1 hr. per lesson )   £275 

This is the perfect package for those couples that would like to WOW their family and friends on their special day with a stunning and magical choreography. 
With 7 lessons our instructor will be able to teach you an amazing routine, and you will have more time to build up your confidence and familiarise yourself with the steps. 
Get ready to WOW your guests with this spectacular first dance routine.

Whichever package you choose; if you require any additional hourly lessons, they will be charged at £20 an hour.



This package includes the creation of some choreography for your chosen song.

The instructors will prioritise and emphasise that you look comfortable and natural on your special day in the limited amount of time given.


Perfect for those people that don’t have much free time, but still want to look great and enjoy this unique special moment on their wedding day.

Are you getting married or want to get involved in organizing some fun related to a wedding ? ? ?


Surprise your friends and family with a Secret First Dance or get together with the girls or boys and learn a spectacular group routine to wow the guests, or simply just to have some fun ! ! !


One to one or group lessons; all choreographed by our internationally trained dance teacher.


Never mind “Strictly”, it’s YOUR time to shine and feel like a star on your special day !

We have a very creative and experienced team ready to assist you with any idea you may have, we will make sure you look your best dancing at your celebration.


Whatever the style, whatever the song, whatever the occasion; we guarantee you an easy, fun, and relaxed teaching experience.


We can adapt to any style you like or to any of your own personal ideas.

If you’re not sure what you really want, we will be happy to assist you with a variety of style options and choice of music.


Choose from any of the following dance styles and we will choreograph your own unique routine.

( Rock ‘n’ Roll, Modern, Jazz, Tap, Ballet, Waltz, Tango, Burlesque,
Bollywood, Cha Cha Cha, Salsa, Merengue, Swing, Hip Hop )


If you prefer you could choose a famous song or routine from a classic movie or dance video.
A few possible suggestions …


“All that Jazz”, “Grease”, “Cabaret”, “Dirty Dancing”, “Thriller”, “Flashdance”, “Fame”,
“West Side Story”, “Saturday Night Fever”, “Vogue”, “Moulin Rouge”, “YMCA”, “Footloose”, “Showgirls”, “Coyote Ugly”, “Hairspray”, “Singing In The Rain”, “Sister Act”, “Pulp Fiction”.


Whatever you want, we can do it for you !

Each standard lesson is 60 minutes long, however 2 hour classes can be arranged on request.


For a fully choreographed routine, we recommend that the dance lessons should start well in advance before the event, so you can learn and perfect everything in time. We suggest at least one hour a week. 


However if your event is close at hand, don’t worry, we can intensify the lessons as much as is necessary for you to feel comfortable. 


All lessons available in English and Spanish



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