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I teach Zumba classes at variety of venues in and around Liverpool.

As I’m originally from Spain, I have a natural feel for this style of dance and I take this Latin energy to each of my classes.

In Zumba we use very motivational Latin music and simple repetitive choreography that everyone can follow with ease.This helps you to burn calories and get you in shape in a fun and dynamic way.


I love the way people of any age and any fitness level can get fit, healthy

and lose weight all at the same time, whilst doing a fun class with Latin Inspiration.

From the first class you take to the 5th maybe 6th class, you will see how your body changes little by little, which in turn builds confidence and your general fitness level increases too.

When I am doing my classes, your smiles make it all worth while.

For further information on Zumba classes, events and parties please get in touch.



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